Have you come to rest?

As many have commented to me, it has been a long time since my last blog post. Trust me, I have had many topics half written and every intention to post over the past couple months, but the blur of November and December really caught me off guard. In late October, we found a great... Continue Reading →

The home school blues

    Well, it hit. When the home school blues finally manifested fully this past week, the feeling was so familiar. It has taken me five days to identify it. Ironically enough, the cause, cycle, expression, and realizations are nearly identical to the familiar déjà vu I had come to recognize.  The home school blues... Continue Reading →

Stop. Look up, and look around

Today, both of my boys were bouncing off the walls, excited for a new school year. My youngest is heading to preschool tomorrow, while my oldest will start his first day of homeschooling with this crazy Momma. Truth be told, today was a hard one for me. I have been very excited to start our... Continue Reading →

Don’t let idiots into your village

My family always seems to be going through change. Some changes are bigger than others – from moving to a different neighborhood, to having children, to potty training, to homeschool, I feel we are always on the move.  It doesn’t really matter whether that change is small or large, I have always valued my “village”.... Continue Reading →

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