Monk Day: Fun to DONE!

  As many of you already know from my social media page, my oldest son Samuel (grade four) decided that he was going to be a monk for 24 hours. In history class, he has been learning about St. Benedict and the Benedictine monks. He eagerly took notes on what a monk’s day consisted of... Continue Reading →

Small disciplines = Big character

One of the greatest things I have learned as a parent since homeschooling this past year is that I waited until the big stuff happened before I gave the little stuff any attention. Our homeschool year was one where I intentionally focused on the little stuff, to be more proactive rather than reactive. What do... Continue Reading →

Children’s ministry: a true story

I have been involved in Children’s Ministry since I was seventeen years old. I’ve done it all. From serving in nursery all the way to youth, for the past eighteen years, you name it, I’ve done it.  You might be thinking, “Well, that’s probably because you LOVE children – can’t get enough of them” Let... Continue Reading →

First year in the books!

I reflect back on the mom I was and home school start in August of 2018 and I can’t help but laugh out loud! Anyone who has or is homeschooling would laugh with me, as I remember the week before we started, I sat at my computer for hours, making powerpoints for each Math lesson,... Continue Reading →

Loving without perfection

Perfection. Just reflecting on that word, what is the first feeling that sneaks in? I think if we are being honest, the initial feeling that many have would be defeat. There’s a discouragement when we first see that word, because quite frankly, it’s unobtainable. I struggle with perfectionism. I was raised where a lot of... Continue Reading →

Showing up for our kids

The past four weeks of our family life has turned upside down and back around again. My husband and I engaged in a parenting course called Love and Logic, a parenting approach created by Dr. Foster Cline, Dr. Charles Fay and Jim Fay, that teaches parents how to discipline, teach and raise children without losing... Continue Reading →

Are we sheltering our kids?

Homeschooling is a very unique experience. All of a sudden, in that decision, especially once it becomes public, you are automatically placed in a group where one can feel a bit like an animal in the zoo. People constantly try to school their expression when they find out because of the normal stigmas of “weird... Continue Reading →

Have you come to rest?

As many have commented to me, it has been a long time since my last blog post. Trust me, I have had many topics half written and every intention to post over the past couple months, but the blur of November and December really caught me off guard. In late October, we found a great... Continue Reading →

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